Rise Of Legion


The Rise of Legion tournament is opening a realm of Esports league gameplay to players and teams around the world. The aim is to find the best teams and players for different games. Eventually facing off for an all-out war to determine who comes out on top.

How To Join The Legion

To put simply, Sign up! You can download the PDF file which has all the following instructions included: Click Here

A video will be provided later on which you can watch.

Tournament Rewards

Current tournament rewards are in the form of Steam Cards. In which with the tournaments held there will be a multitude of ways to earn prizes. For example, the Player Unknown Battlegrounds, players with the highest points scored will receive a reward! Players with the most kills will also receive a reward regardless of ranking!

Be sure to join in and continue to follow our tournaments for in the near future, more prizes might be added in which you can get a chance to earn!