Lenovo Legion Y720 Cube

Lenovo Legion Y720 Cube

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Play any game, anywhere.
Y720 Cube — with up to 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA GTX 1070 discrete graphics — gives you the speed and power to play intense games while multitasking, yet it’s easy to carry and set up anywhere in your home, like a game console. It can play the latest titles, with high frame rates up to 4K HD, and it packs plenty of memory for multitasking. Switch between games and other apps easily with the pre-installed Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.


Ability to Play Any Game
From first-person shooters, to high-speed races, to RPGs and beyond. Play any game like a pro, even while streaming gameplay . With up to NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics , the Y720 Cube delivers high graphics performance. 

The Right Fit, Anywhere
Whether you want to play in the privacy of your room or want to share the experience in your living room, the Y720 Cube allows you to take VR on-the-go with its mobile handle so that you are no longer confined to your gaming desk. Comparable in size to a game console, it’s designed for easy portability with maximum fun!

Powerful Processors
Want to game and stream at the same time? Want to edit your gameplay videos and photos? The Y720 Cube has you covered. Its 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor has a quad-core frequency of up to 3.6GHz and up to 8MB of cache memory, for unprecedented processing power.

Easy Multitasking Between Games & Other Apps
Whether listening to your favorite playlist, live-streaming the latest AAA titles , or downloading movies, the Y720 Cube can multitask with the best of them. Open multiple applications and run your favorite games at the same time with up to 32GB of DDR4 memory.

Intelligent LAN/WiFi
Killer Double Shot Pro allows your Ethernet (cable) and WiFi to work together for faster networking performance, which means less in-game lag – especially when streaming video simultaneously.

Console-like Experience With Xbox Wireless Controller
Tired of sitting at the desk with a keyboard and mouse to play your favorite titles? Out of the box, the Y720 Cube comes with a -installed Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows which allows you to use your Xbox One wireless controller without using a USB adapter. Perfect for FPS or sports games, you can relax on the sofa or bed, kick your feet up, and enjoy your games on your terms.

Lenovo Nerve Center
Lenovo Nerve Center lets you get into the nitty gritty and customize your setup. A base of control for everything in your Y720 Cube, from customized audio to optimized network priority. You can design your setup for a truly streamlined gaming experience.

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