User Agreement

1.User Agreement

1.1 These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your access to and use of our services including, Beyond Godlike application, services and tools that user can use such as registration, creating the information page, making or reading announcements, exchange messages and manage various functions. Beyond Godlike will follow Data Privacy law in every state that Beyond Godlike operate in which these terms will be used under Thai law.

1.2 Upon using, download Beyond Godlike application, services and tools that are governed by Beyond Godlike Terms of Services. The user have agreed and accepted that Beyond Godlike will use user’s personal information according to the Beyond user agreement and policy.

1.3 "User" can register and use Beyond Godlike website and Beyond Godlike application only when "User" resides in the country stated by Beyond Godlike.

1.4 "User" must provide their real name, address, and other personal information, including contact information. The contact information provided must be under the area where the service is provided by Beyond Godlike.

1.5 By using Beyond Godlike website and application, "User" is prohibited from acting against any law, and ethnical rights. User is prohibited from violating the rights of both Beyond Godlike and other users. User is also prohibited any conducts which may harm Beyond Godlike and other users.

1.6 Only authorized personnel under Beyond Godlike are allowed to block, suspend and ban user account from access to our service. Beyond Godlike hold the rights to block, suspend, and ban user accounts without notifying the user if the user’s actions conflict with our Terms of Service.

1.7 The user rights are limited accordingly by BYG rules and policies. Beyond Godlike holds the rights and authority to resolve any disputes or conflicts under the company’s decision.

1.8 Beyond Godlike will not be held accountable for any harm or damage caused due to user’s restriction to Beyond Godlike website and application.


Beyond Godlike is authorized to transfer partial and full ownership of the website, application, and the services provided, and transfer of rights and duties of Beyond Godlike to any external third parties without any notice to the users. Beyond Godlike does not requires users’ permission or authority upon ownership transfer.